SOLAR Mixmaster Quench

Product code: MLQManufacturer: SOLAR TACKLE14.99 €

Quench Mixmaster is a special combination of [ML09] - Esterblend 12 , [ML01] - Ester Strawberry and [ML15] - Ester Pineapple Ester Pineapple, resulting in one of the most outstanding fruit flavours that you will ever use. Formulated specially to complement the Quench base mix, but equally as effective in any base mix including [CFTB1] - Top Banana Base Mix and [CFPS1] - Pineapple Secret Base Mix.

As with all the Solar bait range, Quench is instantly attractive yet also effective for long-term use throghout the year.


Dosage guide - 2ml to 6ml per 6-egg mix

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