FOX  EOS 13ft 3.5lb
  • FOX  EOS 13ft 3.5lb

FOX EOS 13ft 3.5lb

Prekės kodas: CRD255Gamintojas: FOX75.00 €

Our cheapest ever rods offering unrivalled value for money
• Ideal for new comers to carp fishing or anglers on a very tight budget that still want Fox quality
• Full carbon construction
• 12ft 3lb is perfect for smaller venues and use with bait and rowing boats
• 13ft 3.5lb ideal for anglers fishing larger venues where longer casts are needed
• 12ft 3lb features 40mm butt ring through to 14mm tip ring
• 13ft 3.5lb features 50mm butt ring through to 16mm tip ring
• Both models feature 18mm DPS-style reel seats

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