NASH Bank Life Bivvy Heater
  • NASH Bank Life Bivvy Heater

NASH Bank Life Bivvy Heater

Prekės kodas: T1215Gamintojas: NASH TACKLE47.00 €

The stylish and eco-friendly way to warm your living space when temperatures plummet. You have to feel the heat these kick off to believe how effective they can be. Using nothing other than 5 tea lights inside the central chamber testing has shown temperatures raised by as much as ten degrees Centigrade, yet the matte black coated steel Bivvy Heater eliminates the dangers of gas bottles or fuel burning products as space heaters.

A simple clip open design with removable carry handle and EVA base, comfort can’t be any easier than this. Supplied with 5 tea lights. Guideline heating time for standard tea lights 5-6 hours.

Dimensions: (H) 16cm (D) 16cm

Weight: 1kg

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