TOSLON TF640 GPS Fishfinder
  • TOSLON TF640 GPS Fishfinder
  • TOSLON TF640 GPS Fishfinder
  • TOSLON TF640 GPS Fishfinder

TOSLON TF640 GPS Fishfinder

Prekės kodas: TF640Gamintojas: TOSLON899.00 €

The TF640 was specially designed for all kinds of bait boats. It was combined with high Position accuracy GPS, digital wireless sonar and electronic compass. The GPS system guiding the boat to any waypoint you have saved. The advanced sonar feature show you actual bottom condition and fish, and the electronic compass tells you the instant boat heading on screen which makes it possible to operate the boat under bad condition, such as night, heavy fog, etc.

GPS Position Accuracy: 1m(filed test)

RC Distance:300m

500 Waypoint

Digital Wireless Sonar with 80ft depth range

Sonar frequency 455kHz; 4.3″ TFT with resolution 480*272

Pixels; 65,536 color



GPS and Compass

GPS data display show: Distance to target, Distance to Home,Speed of boat,Time to Board,Satellite Number,Heading,Bear, Course Memory,Time of day,Main Battery.
Compass indicator of the instant boat heading direction on screen (a red “+” on screen indicate the target)
Indicator of the position and distance to target waypoint and HOME
Boat arriving alarm
Signal lost alarm
Indication of satellite condition by color bar: red(0~satellites); Yellow(3~6); Blue(?6)
Show the current position as latitude/longitude in decimal degrees
20 RF channels allow different users operation at same region without interference
Detailed waypoint information including icon, name, date, etc
Zoom in/Out route display


Adopt brand new digital wireless sonar system
Real time sonar windows display the latest sonar returns
Color Line separates fish and structure from the bottom, and defines bottom hardness.
Display target depth reading above each fish symbol as a guide for quick and precise lure presentations.
Sonar alarm: fish / shallow / low battery(boat battery and display battery)


Windows style of menu system.
Full one-year warranty; extended warranties available

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