CC MOORE Spod Mix- Fish Frenzy XP 2.5kg
  • CC MOORE Spod Mix- Fish Frenzy XP 2.5kg

CC MOORE Spod Mix- Fish Frenzy XP 2.5kg

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Fish Frenzy XP

This subtle, low oil fish mix has been carefully designed to compliment our Pacific Tuna and Odyssey XXX baits by releasing proven appetite stimulating fish proteins into the swim in both cloud and carpet forms. The raw materials used in this mix are the perfect blend of coarse and fine particles that allow the key attractors to be presented through all layers of the water from the surface to the lakebed. This ensures that feeding fish, holding fish and passing fish cannot escape the aroma/flavour of the mix, maximising the chance of pulling them down onto the baited area. Due to the solubility and low oil content of this mix it is ideal for year-round use.


This mix is ideal for use with any fishmeal bait application, including trout/halibut pellets, hooker pellets, fishmeal boilies and of course Pacific Tuna and Odyssey XXX baits. We strongly recommend its use with 10-20ml/kg of the devastating Feedstim XP or one of our Response+ Bait Boosters.

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