SPORTEX Intense Carp 13ft 3.50lb
  • SPORTEX Intense Carp 13ft 3.50lb

SPORTEX Intense Carp 13ft 3.50lb

Prekės kodas: 131350Gamintojas: SPORTEX799.95 €

The new flagship in the SPORTEX Carp fleet!

Looking at the blank, the first thing you notice is the newly developed and unique X5 cross-carbon material in the Ghost design. Depending on how the light falls on the blank, this is visible or invisible. The special braiding of the individual carbon fibres gives this blank about 25% more strength and stability in relation to comparable blanks. The special epoxy resin with extremely fine nanoparticles also increases the speed of the blank as well as making it lighter. These hugely advantageous characteristics are particularly noticeable when casting. The blank is the ultimate loading machine and fires the rig to the feeding area precisely, over long distances and at enormous speed.

The combination of a ‘softer’ tip with a powerful backbone makes for optimum control when playing a fish. The Intense Carp fittings include a FUJI DPS double-hood reel seat, which makes for a better balanced rod by allowing the reel to be positioned further forwards, or, if the need arises, also set further back. The FUJI SIC K long-cast guides boast an anti-tangle design for perfectly smooth line running.

The exclusive surface design of the rod rounds off its stylish appearance perfectly.

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