FOX Spod Bucket Strap
  • FOX Spod Bucket Strap
  • FOX Spod Bucket Strap

FOX Spod Bucket Strap

Prekės kodas: CTL006Gamintojas: FOX14.99 €
  • Lightweight and compact alternative to traditional metal framed spod stations

  • Polyester strap featuring four bankstick connection mouldings

  • Bankstick mouldings feature stainless threads and living hinges which allow

    them to be used on square or round buckets

  • No need to permanently attach mouldings to your buckets

  • Orange size indicator stitching ensures the perfect tension is created for all Fox buckets (5l, 10l and 17l)

  • Simply align the coloured stitching in the window of the adjustable buckle and slide up the taper of the bucket and into position

  • Can be used with banksticks/storm poles of your choice

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