SPORTEX Graphenon Carp 12ft 3.25lb
  • SPORTEX Graphenon Carp 12ft 3.25lb

SPORTEX Graphenon Carp 12ft 3.25lb

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The Graphenon Carp owes its impressive performance to its enormous power deployment and resistance when playing fish. It’s always the rod – not the angler – doing the work. The excellent damping properties of the blank make the fish tire very quickly and reduce the risk of it getting away just short of the landing net. The rod’s rapid reset capacity, in combination with great loading dynamics, also allows for very long and precise casting.

Technical Information

The name gives it away…. alongside carbon, we also use graphene as a major component.Graphene is a carbon modification with a two-dimensional structure. Each carbon atom is surrounded by three others at an angle of 120°, which creates a honeycomb pattern. It has the highest tensile strength of any previously known material (e.g. 125 times higher than steel). The rod blanks contain around 20% graphene, which makes a massive contribution to load capacity, speed and casting performance.

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