SPORTEX Revolt Carp 12ft 3.25lb
  • SPORTEX Revolt Carp 12ft 3.25lb

SPORTEX Revolt Carp 12ft 3.25lb

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Just like their ‘big brothers’ from BEYOND series!

These ‘little brothers’ in the BEYOND Carp Series come with our trail-blazing 7-sided Heptacore blank. How could it be any other way? The Revolt Carp has stand-out charm, with its special blank design, its extraordinary precision when casting and its enormous reserves of strength. The outstanding loading properties of the blank mean that impressive casting distances can be achieved with surprisingly little effort. When it comes to playing the fish, the Revolt Carp makes the absolute most of its brilliant damping properties. On the one hand, it ensures the fish tires rapidly; on the other, it ensures it’s not the one that got away. Genetically, these are the same rods as the BEYOND Carp rods, but with a different configuration. The Revolt Carp comes with slim SIC guides in the KW style, with a 50 butt guide, a specially finished FUJI TVS reel seat, and ergonomically designed Duplon handles. Also available as a Stalker version in 10ft with 2.75lbs or 3lbs tests (with 30 butt guide).

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