SHIMANO Tribal Carp TX-5 13ft Intensity
  • SHIMANO Tribal Carp TX-5 13ft Intensity
  • SHIMANO Tribal Carp TX-5 13ft Intensity
  • SHIMANO Tribal Carp TX-5 13ft Intensity

SHIMANO Tribal Carp TX-5 13ft Intensity

Prekės kodas: TX513INTGamintojas: SHIMANO215.00 €

Shimano Tribal TX-5 Carp Rod


Key Features

  • Rod type: Carp/Specimen
  • Lengths: 3,65 - 3,96
  • Blank material: XT40
  • Reel seat: DPS-type
  • Guide type: Shimano stainless steel hardlite
  • Grip: EVA
  • Packaging: Cloth bag

Shimano Tribal TX-5 Carp Rod, 

Shimano’s Tribal range took the carp fishing world by storm when it was first announced and the growing collection of products contains rods, luggage, and line specifically designed with carp fishing in mind. This TX-5 is an outstanding addition to the range and it has been designed for the dedicated angler who wants to excel on the bank with each and every cast. Perfect for big carp and other specimen species, the Shimano Tribal TX-5 Carp Rod will revolutionise your angling.

The rod has been designed using the very latest technological developments in Shimano’s manufacturing process. This means that the blank has been constructed using a blend of HPC200 and Biofire carbon. HPC refers to the manufacturing process used to create the 200 quality carbon used in the rod blank. It stands for High Pressure Carbon and, as you might imagine, it is a process which involved putting the rod blank under immense pressure during the curing process. This pressure ensures that the resin used to bind the carbon fibres together is more evenly distributed through the fibre matrix. The result? A stronger and more responsive blank which provides you with a consistency of performance that you need to experience to believe. Biofibre is a natural carbon blend and it essentially reinforced the carbon fibres in all directions. This ensures that you can enjoy a blank which has incredible torque resistance, giving massive improvements in casting accuracy and potentially allowing you to extend your cast way beyond the capabilities of other rods. If you’re looking for a slim and powerful rod to improve your casting ability then you need look no further, the Shimano Tribal TX-5 is perfect for you.

The TX-5 is a powerful rod without compromise. It boasts an outstanding fish playing action on the tip through to the middle section of the rod, which will help you in maintaining a secure hook hold and reducing the risk of the fish bumping off or a dreaded hook pull. The rear grip of the rod also aids your abilities playing the carp and it has been manufactured from a mixture of EVA and Winn Grip. Not only does this give a distinctive finish to the rod but it also ensures that you can benefit from a solid grip.

The rod has been furnished to the same high standard as the blank. It features Fuji DPS reel seats, which operate at the cutting edge of reel seat technology and have been designed to hold your rod in the ideal position throughout the cast. The guides on the rod are manufactured from stainless steel and they feature Shimano’s Hardlite technology. This is essentially an aluminium oxide liner inside the classic robust anodised steel, offering you the kind of balance that you require between guide strength and performance. These have been designed to ensure that you line can glide seamlessly along the rod, giving you the extra distance that you need on the cast. The rod has been fitted with a plastic line clip, allowing you to fish with accuracy cast after cast. It is completely line friendly, too, so you don’t have to worry about it weakening your fishing line in order to obtain the kind of accuracy you require. The rod features classy red tipping and black wrapping, so it is every bit as good looking as it is high performance.

The TX-5 is available in four different test curves. The first is a 2.75lb option, which is ideal for lighter setups. The two intermediate rods in the range offer 3lb and 3.25lb tests respectively. These are ideal for fishing across a variety of the UKs finest carp fishing venues. Finally, there is the TX-5 Intensity model. This has a test curve of 3.5lbs and it is ideal for fishing for the biggest carp, both here and over on the continent. All of the rods are 12ft in length.

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