• NASH TACKLE Zig Bugs
  • NASH TACKLE Zig Bugs


Prekės kodas: T8071Gamintojas: NASH TACKLE5.50 €

Endless rig applications

Featuring a tapered bore for limitless variation in grip, use 6mm Bore Beads over leaders and tubing, to protect knots and swivels on running rigs or marker float set-ups.

Smaller 3mm Bore Beads trap sliding hairs, Hook Swivels and rig rings in anti-eject rigs. 20 per pack.

Available Options

Name TCode Price
Black Sedge Micro Barbed T7806 5.99
Black Sedge Barbless T7807 5.99
Brown Sedge Micro Barbed T7808 5.99
Brown Sedge Barbless T7809 5.99
Black Louse Micro Barbed T7810 5.99
Black Louse Barbless T7811 5.99
Corixa Micro Barbed T7812 5.99
Corixa Barbless T7813 5.99
Blue Damsel Micro Barbed T7814 5.99
Blue Damsel Barbless T7815 5.99
Naturals Micro Barbed T7816 5.99
Naturals Barbless T7817 5.99
Floater Hookbaits Micro Barbed T7818 5.99
Floater Hookbaits Barbless T7819 5.99
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