KORDA Big Grippa Leads 6oz 168gr.
  • KORDA Big Grippa Leads 6oz 168gr.

KORDA Big Grippa Leads 6oz 168gr.

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Our Original Big Grippa lead is back by popular demand, but with a few tweaks to make it even better than the original ones. These are a favourite with anglers fishing at long range or on rivers, as well as having the ability to stay in place on margin slopes or the sides of gravel bars, and Korda boss Danny Fairbrass is a big fan of them. The shape has been changed slightly so that they are a more weight-forward design, which not only makes them better to cast, but will also come into play with our new Centre-Of-Gravity Grommet System, and these leads feature a hole towards the nose end especially for that purpose. The weight distribution and the ‘studded’ design helps the lead to grip the bottom, rather than sliding across it, and will mean that you can use a smaller size to obtain the result as with a normal lead. These are also very popular with barbel/chub anglers, and the hole in the centre can be plugged with paste for extra attraction close to your rig. The Original Big Grippa features a tough coating that will blend into the bottom and won’t easily chip. They are available in sizes: 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz.

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