CC MOORE Betaine HNV Pellets (14mm) 3kg
  • CC MOORE Betaine HNV Pellets (14mm) 3kg

CC MOORE Betaine HNV Pellets (14mm) 3kg

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These Halibut-type pellets are made with a high fish oil inclusion and have added Betaine for palatability and appetite stimulation. They contain very digestible fish proteins, which dissolve quickly even in very low water temperatures. With a potent combination of enzymes and essential amino acids, Betaine HNV Pellets are one of the most complete pellets on the market and promote excellent growth rates in all species.

Contains G.L.M. Extract and Squid Meal for extra attraction!


From our 'Hookbaits' section, Betaine HNV Hookbaits are recommended to be used in conjunction with Betaine HNV Pellets, and contain many of the same attractors and additives that are present in these highly attractive pellets.

Coat Betaine HNV Pellets in our Feedstim XP for a deep, salty combination which fish go crazy for.

Betaine HNV Pellets are also excellent for producing a paste; simply scald them with boiling water and sprinkle on a little added Pure Beatine, GLM Extract or Belachan Powder.

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