DAYKO Adventure Rod Pod Black & Silver 4-5 Rods
  • DAYKO Adventure Rod Pod Black & Silver 4-5 Rods
  • DAYKO Adventure Rod Pod Black & Silver 4-5 Rods
  • DAYKO Adventure Rod Pod Black & Silver 4-5 Rods

DAYKO Adventure Rod Pod Black & Silver 4-5 Rods

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Dayko rod pod  is synonymous of quality and we have not spared even before this new creation totally made in Italy. The new rod pod Compact bitubo and Adventure is an illustration, both models are built completely of aluminum of aerospace grade, also called Avional, and some details, such as screws and arms of the buzz bars, stainless steel. The rapid assembly and stability given by the four-legged allows you to quickly address any fishing operation in any environment and situation. The grafting of the buzzer bar is very fast, just house them in the appropriate slot and tighten the two knobs to lock the system. The supports are fully adjustable to close it and put it up into the spacious bag screen printed with our logo, using the levers on the joints. The central joint, as most of the components of this pod, is formed and machined from Avional full and all the joints are articulated by stainless steel pins that give durability and resistance to every atmospheric agent. The central pipes has two telescopic arms that allow you to extend it at will, also toggle up and down through the central regulation due to the tightening or opening of a door handle. The legs in two sections (also available with legs 3 sections) are adjustable by a ring nut, openable and closable by means of a slight rotation, an operation that does not need to be made with force, the ring in fact allows a solid clamping even with a minimum pressure . The legs also have the system of loosening and tightening, this to be able to store at the end caught inside the bag making recompose in a compact way. The buzzer bars are provided in version 4-5 rods, this to allow you to always be able to fish with three rods, but if necessary add a fourth or a fifth where permitted.


Key features:

- horizontal and vertical inclination(tilt) 

- 3 or 4 leg configuration

- adjustable main body to house any kind of fishing rod

- 2 or 3 sections legs

- long legs 80/160cm(optional) 

- removable buzzer support for 5 rod

- buzzer bars  for 2-3-4 rods(optional) 

- Weight 7,5 kg (Compact bitubo) 

- Weight 6 kg (Adventure) 

- Comes with carry bag

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