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WooH Foldable Solar Panel FSP-040

Код продукта: FSP-040Производитель: WOOH178.00 €

WooH Foldable Solar Panel FSP-040 is a high efficiency solar energy converter to electricity.

Being a solar power charger it is designed to generate electricity while exposed to sunlight and charge or power most of your portable electronic equipment during off-grid situations.

It might be your best companion during fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, backpacking, boating, sailing, caravanning, bicycling and many other outdoor activities for almost unlimited time.

Ensure an emergency power source for your home, summer or hunting house and stay powered and reachable in places where grid power is not available.

Accumulate sunlight energy in our compatible PPG-140 Portable Power Generator and create your own Portable Solar Generator system by charging PPG-140 during sunlight therefore ensuring continuous power source when sunlight is not available. Take this set with you on longer trips to the wildest areas and keep your portable electronics charged at all times and also camp lit during the darkest nights.

With WooH Foldable Solar Panel FSP-040 you can charge and power your portable electronics by:

  • USB 5V 2A port for charging of smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, headlamps and other USB compatible devices;
  • 18V 2.17A DC port for charging your portable battery pack, drone, bait boat, two-way radios, laptop and other electric devices requiring 12-19V DC power.

Considering that over the daytime sunlight is not equally powerful because of clouds and shades, or panel’s misplacement towards the sun, it leads to unstable output current and voltage. To minimise impact of mentioned instability FSP-040 comes with integrated Voltage Regulator to ensure stable charging current and voltage for your electronics.

Device has integrated USB device recognition circuit to ensure charging compatibility and stability with most of the USB chargeable devices.

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