CC MOORE Pacific Tuna Shelflife Paste 300gr

Код продукта: 94510Производитель: CCMOОRE8.80 €

Pacific Tuna Shelf Life Boilie Paste properties:

  • High solubility and digestibility even in cold water conditions
  • Powerful, rich, long-lasting natural taste
  • Uncooked & packed with water soluble attractors and feeding triggers
  • Strong, distinctive, highly attractive savoury aroma
  • Rich in nutrients and amino acids derived from high quality proteins
  • Contains Haiths Robin Red®, Tuna, shellfish and vegetable extracts
  • Ideal for wrapping around hookbaits and making paste hookbaits
  • Superb as a high attract loose feed when fed in lumps.
  • Doesn’t need freezing, a great edge to carry in your rucksack!


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