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JAG 316 Super Compact Pod Kit Adjustable

Код продукта: 316-SCAK-POD XПроизводитель: JAG415.00 €
  • Rounded end brackets
  • JAG engraved pins for a neat little touch
  • Three point contact arms
  • Ensures that your sticks remain square at all times
  • 2x Anchoring points
  • Allows you to put a peg through the supplied caribiner
  • Made to make it as stable as possible
  • Extendable length means you can have it compact or long as you like
  • 290mm/11.4in Closed 470mm/18.5in Fully Extended
  • Storage Size (inch): 11.4in x 3.46in x 1in
  • Storage Size (mm): 290mm x 88mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 2720g
  • Please Note: Alarms and Butt rests NOT INCLUDED
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