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BOILIE LAB DUO boilie rolling machine

Product code: BoilieLabDuoManufacturer: BOILIEROLLER1550.00 €

Boilie lab DUO boilie rolling machine

This machine have 2 sizes in one machine (15mm and 20mm) it can roll boilies dumbells and pillows. Each roll speed can be adjusted to have possibility to roll many kind of mixes and achieve really good roundness. Those machines have same metal gearing inside as Boilie lab and Boilie lab Bigfoot.

This machine is for private use, not for bait companies and in tests it showed that it can roll really good roundness boil...ies with speed of 20-30 kg per hour.

Those machines will not have cutting unit and it meant to be operated via 1,5 kg bait gun (as it is light and handy) and conveyor.

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