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RM-Tec Mono 15Lb/0.38mm Clear 1200m

Product code: RMT005Manufacturer: RIDGE MONKEY17.00 €
  • Very low stretch
  • Superior casting qualities
  • Low visibility
  • High knot strength
  • 1200m per spool
  • Available in 0.38mm (15lb/6.8kg)

    MonoCast is a super-tough, highly abrasion resistant premium grade monofilament main line, boasting a low diameter to strength ratio, whilst remaining supple enough to cast smoothly which provides excellent performance when distance is required.

    The low-vis green colouring ensures that this monofilament will blend in perfectly over most lake beds and provides high knot strength coupled with low stretch properties, making it a great, all-round, highly reliable mono for a variety of situations.

    Available in 0.35mm (12lb/5.4kg), 0.38mm (15lb/6.8kg) diameters on 1200m spools.

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