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SOLAR TACKLE Titanium Short Arm Only (Head Not Included)

Product code: TT17Manufacturer: SOLAR TACKLE45.00 €
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System supplied without an indicator head
Compatible with all Solar indicator heads Two sizes (lengths) of arm available

This system is provided without an IPRO head, giving you the choice to select your own indicator head, and both the short-arm and long-arm indicators are available. The most versatile bite indication system ever produced. This precision-engineered, UK-made indicator is a totally new concept that covers ALL bite indication setups, whatever the situation or style of fishing. Whether you’re fishing slack line, tight-line, progressive tension or standard swinging arm, Titaniums have got it covered. The Titanium multi-functional arm includes an upper pivot point, which can be ‘locked’ using the diamond knurled collar in either a swinging arm or ‘straight arm’ position. The Titanium wire is aerospace grade metal that’s extremely high in flexibility and durability. Solar’s unique ‘chain link’ double pivot increases the setup’s sensitivity and ensures that the head always sits in the upright position. Each system comes with: 3.25″ Titanium arm P1 Stainless Hockey Stick Grip Clip 12mm Strongarm Line Clip 14mm Strongarm Line Clip Protective storage/transportation tube

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