MAINLINE Polaris Pop-up Mix 250gr
  • MAINLINE Polaris Pop-up Mix 250gr

MAINLINE Polaris Pop-up Mix 250gr

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If you’ve been struggling for years trying to create your own perfect pop-up bait then you need struggle no longer. Mainline has created the ideal pop-up mix to transform your chosen combination of flavours, additives, and colours, into a devastating pop-up bait that performs superbly. With the Polaris mix there is no need to microwave or bake your mix, simply mix with egg and boil to create a buoyant hookbait that will attract even the wiliest of carp.


As one large egg will make up to 100 14mm pop-up, the Polaris mix is an economical way to construct bespoke bait – perfect for the dedicated angler who is fed up with shelling out money for ineffective ready-made baits. Mainline recommends you crack one large egg and whisk through your chosen flavour, additive, and dye combinations. Once mixed thoroughly, add the Polaris slowly until it comes together as a firm paste. All that’s left to do then is to roll your pop-ups to your perfect size and boil for two or three minutes. Leave your pop-ups to air dry for at least 24 hours before using them as this will allow them to pop-up to their full potential. If you’re making your bait a long time in advance, air dry them for as long as possible before storing as this will help the baits keep fresh and effective.


Pop-ups can really transform your angling and have revolutionised the carp fishing community since they were first discovered. With their ability to float your bait at ideal points in the water, a buoyant pop-up offers multi-seasonal potential and many anglers use pop-ups year round in their fishing to great success. If you want to read our tips and tricks for using pop-ups, simply search pop-ups in our blog archive to view all the posts where we’ve raved about pop-ups in our own fishing.

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