FAITH Hustler X-High Bedchair
  • FAITH Hustler X-High Bedchair
  • FAITH Hustler X-High Bedchair
  • FAITH Hustler X-High Bedchair

FAITH Hustler X-High Bedchair

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The Faith Hustler X-High Bedchair is a high-quality and comfortable deckchair that can be used by both professional and recreational fishermen. Its advantage is a light but stable aluminium frame that ensures that the deckchair is light and easy to carry. You will sleep comfortably with the multifunctional backrest. Due to its long and height adjustable legs, you can place the deckchair on uneven terrain and also raise you further up from the ground. The swivel feet prevent the deckchair moving on the mud. Faith Hustler X-High Bedchair is light and stable, and it is comfortable.

Key Features of the Faith Hustler X-High Bedchair

  • High quality and comfortable deckchair for fishermen
  • Lightweight but stable aluminium frame
  • The Faith Hustler X-High Bedchair features a multifunctional backrest
  • Height-adjustable legs
  • Swivel feet against mud
  • 100% flatbed
  • Adjustable headrest
  • The Faith Hustler X-High Bedchair has a carrying capacity of up to 130kg
  • Weight 10kg

Designed for Quality Rest After a Long Day Fishing

If you are looking for a deckchair where we can relax and sleep well after a long day of fishing, the Faith Hustler X-High Bedchair will not disappoint you. The 100% flatbed guarantees maximum comfort. This is aided by a strong and comfortable mattress that is padded with fleece and polyester. An adjustable headrest also helps with your quality rest. The Faith Hustler X-High Bedchair enjoys great popularity among fishermen for its excellent quality and affordability.

210 × 90 × 50cm

Dimensions of folded deckchair:
90 × 89 × 25cm

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