SPORTEX Catapult Spod 13ft 8lb
  • SPORTEX Catapult Spod 13ft 8lb

SPORTEX Catapult Spod 13ft 8lb

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To keep the fish in the swim, it’s important to feed them regularly. And to enable this to be done at substantial distances from the bank, we have developed our Spod rods. To achieve the most precise and long-distance casts without major effort, the rods have excellent loading properties and are fitted with large high quality SIC guides (50mm butt guide).

This means that the line can glide through the guides when casting without any significant friction. The Catapult Spod models come in 13ft lengths, at 5.5lbs and 8lbs. The Catapult Spod at 8lbs has been particularly designed to deliver substantial quantities of feed at long distances (such as with the large Spomb). During casting tests with conventional feed rockets, this rod achieved casting distances of more than 150 metres.

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