CCMOORE Fluoro Red Dye 1kg
  • CCMOORE Fluoro Red Dye 1kg

CCMOORE Fluoro Red Dye 1kg

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This powerful dye creates a strong, vivid colour that increases the attraction potential of products to which it is applied. As it is a non-soluble powder, it provides a lasting colour which takes longer to wash out when in water. 

We recommend the following inclusion levels:

Hi-Viz Pop Up Hookbaits: 30-40g per kg of the dry mix.

Boilie Hookbaits: 10-20g per kg of the dry mix.

To increase the concentration of colour in your hookbaits, simply increase the amount of dye added. If your hookbaits are not as bright as you want them you can add white dye to the mix, but also need to consider other ingredients in your base mix recipe. Dark ingredients will drastically reduce the effect of fluoro bait dyes and may need to be reduced or even removed from your mix in order to achieve the colour you require.

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