Casting Ground Tester
  • Casting Ground Tester

Casting Ground Tester

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The Casting Ground Tester is a very useful gadget. It gives the shore anglers completely new perspectives for searching the right spod. After being ejected towards the bottom of the water, the Casting Ground Tester opens itself automatically. By tightening with the rod it is filled easily ? no matter if it is mud, sediment, gravel, shells or herbs - the Casting Ground Tester is able to absorb everything! Afterwards the compartment closes automatically and nothing is lost from the sample. So you get valuable information about the quality of the ground and what it consists of. With this tool, finding proper hotspots become feasible, e.g. coveted areas of mosquito larvaes.


·        made of high quality stainless steel

·        easy to use

        Weight: 150gr

    Dimensions: l = 160mm; Ø = 28mm

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