CC MOORE Red Pepper - Instant Spod Mix 2.5kg
  • CC MOORE Red Pepper - Instant Spod Mix 2.5kg

CC MOORE Red Pepper - Instant Spod Mix 2.5kg

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These highly attractive, versatile spod mixes are designed to take the pain out of making your own spod mix giving you a quick and easy to prepare spod mix that we guarantee will pull in and hold fish in your baited area. Simply take your Instant Spod Mix, add any additional liquids or additives, add lake or river water, stir and start spodding. 


This awesome selection of spice extracts, boosted natural pellets and ground seeds produces a highly attractive combination that fish find irresistible. Delivering water-soluble vitamins, antioxidants, salts and proteins, Red Pepper + creates a deep red cloud of attractors that stimulates fish to feed in a variety of different conditions. These nutrients have proven essential to fish in certain waters where an incredible response has been witnessed during testing.


Red Pepper + is designed for use with cooked hemp or particles, our Boosted Naturals Range and of course Pacific Tuna. We also recommend the use 20-30ml/kg Liquid Robin Red, Whole Krill Compound or one of our Response+ Bait Boosters.

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