Sportex Purista XTF 13' 3-5oz.
  • Sportex Purista XTF 13' 3-5oz.

Sportex Purista XTF 13' 3-5oz.

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Casting and power distilled to their essence.

Pure joy! With its fast carbon blank, this ingenious carp rod enables you to make significantly longer, and more precise, casts. Added to this its well-balanced action absorbs frantic attempts to escape when fighting fish. An absolute must-have for all carp hunters!

A real gem from our innovative long-range rod series. The enormous speed of the blank, made of Japanese high-performance carbon with a special fibre arrangement at a 45-degree angle, is all it takes to convince anyone of the prowess of the Purista XTF Carp.

Thanks to the fantastic loading capabilities and an extremely fast recovery, the tip has visibly less oscillation, which makes for considerably longer and more precise casts. And when it comes to playing a carp, the balanced action ensures fish can’t give you the slip just before the net. All the models come with robust FUJI DPS reel seats, stable Seaguide SIC guides and all-round EVA handle sections. Up to the two Stalker versions, the rods have size 50 start guides. All you need for pure enjoyment on the water!

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