Carp Sounder ROC XRS 4+1
  • Carp Sounder ROC XRS 4+1
  • Carp Sounder ROC XRS 4+1
  • Carp Sounder ROC XRS 4+1

Carp Sounder ROC XRS 4+1

Prekės kodas: ROCXRS-BK- FS4-ACCGamintojas: CARP SOUNDER620.00 €

ROC XRS ACC radio set 4 + 1

The bite indicator radio system for the specialized carp angler. Equipped with the most modern technical features and the most comprehensive functions, the ROC XRS radio system offers a perfect overall package.
The high quality in connection with the extreme longevity leaves nothing to be desired.

The ROC XRS radio system consists of 4 pieces of ROC XRS radio bite indicators and an XRS ACC receiver in a presentation case with foam insert.

The ROC XRS bite indicator system can be extended with several bite indicators. The presentation case holds up to 4 bite indicators and a receiver.

As a further accessory, the Campsecure XRS alarm transmitter and the Catsounder XRS indicator can be integrated into the system.

Carp-Sounder ROC XRS Digital Radio Bite Alarm
Modern, digital sound, ACC transmission to the XRS ACC receiver,
Volume, pitch adjustment, sensitivity adjustment, LED color setting (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, cyan, white and LED off), night light (can be switched off), battery level indicator. Light strip for optical bite detection. Range control. Drop bite detection through visual display and double tone. Automatic sway suppression. Housing made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide. Watertight and designed for the toughest carp fishing conditions. In conjunction with the new XRS ACC receiver, the ROC system has arrived in the future.

The intelligent, digital bite indicator for the specialized carp angler!
Rain, wind, heat and cold are just a few extreme conditions on the water, which can occur during fishing. You go to the water and want to enjoy your passion to the full - the carp fishing! You have prepared yourself, selected the fishing spot, perfected your tackle, studied the carp and observed. For years you have gained experience, suffered blows and setbacks, but you are sitting by the water and ready.
You alone, no- one is missing, the Carpsounder ROC XRS bite indicator, your companion in all situations on the water and while fishing. The ROC XRS will not let you down, with its extremely rugged housing, its sealing technology for the famous watertightness and its unrestricted features. The ROC XRS Bisanzeiger is with you and helps you catch the fish of your life. Concentrate on the essentials and the ROC always provides perfect for the bite detection and gives you your individually set Bissanzeigersetup in the hand. Use the features of your fishing style to personalize and perfect your personal carp fishing skills.

- The ROC XRS antenna on the receiver increases the radio range to over 300 m.
- Bite distinction in Run (single tone) and Fallbiss (double tone), so you recognize immediately on the sound bite variant.
- Bite indication LED with 16 sec. Persistence time.
- The ROC XRS mute gives you the ability to secretly and discreetly receive the bite on the receiver without disturbing your environment or fishing neighbors. Be quiet and catch more carp than the others.
- Also use the function of the switchable LEDs to unobtrusively without sound and without light to detect a bite on the receiver.

- And now your biggest asset, the LED light bar for perfect bite detection and mute. Your ROC XRS will show you the bite even though the sound has been switched off, normal run or fall bite even with persistence time via red LED for case bite detection. Your strength, you are always perfectly informed about the bite process and only via the light bar. So you are unique among carp anglers with the ROC XRS and you will be more successful.
- Set the night light On or Off and combine this setting with the ACC function.

- You can set the LED color in red, yellow, green, blue, purple, cyan, white and off and this setting is automatically applied to the receiver. But you can also set a blue LED on each of your bite indicators and the recipient will be assigned to red, green, yellow or blue. And that too - you can switch off the LED and the light bar on your bite indicators and you still have the selection on the receiver to the four colors!
- The intelligent sensitivity setting in 8 levels will protect you from most false positives - concentrate on the bite and thus on your fish! The Schwankunterdrückung filters swell or current to distract you from the bite!

- The rod overlays of the ROC bite indicator are adjustable in width and made of rod-friendly and non-slip material so you have individual settings!
- The impeller housing protects the impeller from dirt and environmental influences. So you can defy all conditions on the water.
- pitch adjustment to customize the bite indicator
- Volume adjustment for individualizing the bite indicator
- Connector for hangers, swingers, etc. (2.5mm)
- Radio coding for individual setting of bite indicator and receiver
- ACC function, so that you are always informed about the radio transmission to the ACC receiver. Green pulsating light on the receiver indicates secure radio transmission. Exact information about our ACC system can be found at Receiver XRS ACC!

- Anti-theft protection - If a bite indicator should be removed or switched off by you, you will receive a warning tone on the receiver after a certain time and can thus react.
- Batteriestandsanzeige- when you turn on the bite alarm you will be displayed on the light bar battery indicator and you may be able to renew the battery.
- The ROC menu navigation via the scrollbar guides you through the menu and helps you to set the individual functions. The menu items are displayed via the LEDs.
- The ROC menu status display via the light bar shows you the set level of the respective function during the setting.
- The push buttons for setting the bite indicator are absolutely robust and reliable over years and decades, waterproof and free of interference.
- Complete stainless steel screw connection with the housing screws and the main screw testify to the highest quality of the materials.
- The Carpsounder ROC "Clean Design" gives you an ultra rugged bite indicator! No protruding parts, a glass fiber reinforced housing and a protection of the impeller and the speaker make the ROC so unique. Longevity and reliability are guaranteed.
- Sealing system for 100% watertightness.
- Pressure equalization system in the bite indicator ensures consistently consistent sound even with temperature fluctuations.
- 9 volt block battery included, so the ROC XRS bite indicator is ready to use and you have no further costs.

Further information

- Shapely, extremely stable housing made of polyamide in CS "Clean Design" (no protruding control panels)
- Housing 100% waterproof
- Adjustable and non-slip wind pipes made of soft plastic
- Menu buttons (non-slip) for digital adjustment of all functions
- On / off switch via menu key
- Volume can be adjusted via +/- buttons
- Pitch adjustable via +/- buttons
- Bite indication LED color selectable via menu (red, green, yellow, blue, purple, cyan, white and off)
- Sensitivity via menu adjustable from approx. 1.25 cm - approx. 8 cm
- Battery level indicator via LED scroll bar when switching on
- Pitch setting via menu from very low to high
- Volume can be switched off completely
- automatic sway suppression with oscillating line (current, wind, etc.)
- acoustic bite indication over "falling" double tone
- Optical bite indication on forward run via 5 LED running light "upwards"
- optical bite indication via 5 LED "falling" running light
- Afterglow bite indicator on the last running light LED
- Bite indicator LED with approx. 16sec. afterglow
- Bite indicator LED with integrated night light function (can be switched off)
- LED display completely switched off
- Battery saving mode after 10 hours without activity
- (Bite indication functions remain active)
- Socket for connecting accessories (2.5mm)
- Stainless steel screw connection

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