CC MOORE Equinox Bait Dip 250ml
  • CC MOORE Equinox Bait Dip 250ml

CC MOORE Equinox Bait Dip 250ml

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CC Moore Equinox Bait Dip carefully balanced nutrient profile is derived from a cross section of soluble and insoluble ingredients from a variety of essential food groups. Based upon highly digestible, amino acid-rich milk, vegetable and egg proteins, Equinox also contains spices, fruit extracts, yeasts and other outstanding natural ingredients which together create a truly irresistible 'spiced-fruit' label that entices fish to feed time and time again.

Designed as an instantly attractive 'food source' boilie, Equinox has already proved to be the perfect bait option for anglers fishing short sessions on highly pressured day ticket and circuit waters as well as those targeting large specimen fish over longer campaigns.

  • CC Moore Equinox Bait Dip 250ml
  • Same attractors used in the freezer bait
  • Adds a powerful boost to anything that is soaked or dipped in it
  • Deep, creamy-sweet liquid with a distinctive yeasty undertone
  • It is a very powerful attractor in its own right
  • Very effective when added to particles following the boiling process
  • Recommend 20-30ml per kg of dry particles
  • Equinox Bait Dip will also not melt P.V.A.
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