CC MOORE Tuna Oil 500ml
  • CC MOORE Tuna Oil 500ml

CC MOORE Tuna Oil 500ml

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Tuna Oil properties:

  • A high quality, pure natural fish oil that fish find highly attractive
  • Adds a deep, rich tuna taste and aroma profile to baits
  • Creates an oily slick that disperses all through the water column
  • Highly attractive to Carp, Roach, Barbel & other species
  • Packed with nutrient dense omega oils; rich in energy
  • Excellent in spod & boilie mixes, can be used at low levels
  • Excellent for coating particles, pellets, floaters and boilies
  • Great as a cork ball hookbait ‘glaze’
  • 100% PVA friendly, superb in bag and stick mixes
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