CC MOORE Live System ShelfLife 15mm 3kg
  • CC MOORE Live System ShelfLife 15mm 3kg

CC MOORE Live System ShelfLife 15mm 3kg

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Due to their incredible natural attraction profile and outstanding year-round Carp-catching potential, CC Moore Live System Boilies have become one of the most successful specimen Carp baits available on the market.

Containing a complex blend of milk proteins, yeasts, textured vegetable proteins, bird foods, cream powders and other very digestible ingredients, Live System represents the ideal choice for anglers wanting a highly nutritious big fish bait which often catches when all other baits fail.

It has a distinctively sweet, creamy, yeasty aroma and taste that triggers a strong feeding response in even the most unfavourable conditions. Its light, sandy colour also means it has the added advantage of stimulating fish to feed based on its visual attraction, therefore making it a superb summer or winter bait that requires no introduction prior to use.

So if you're looking for a genuine high quality bait with a proven track record for attracting the bigger fish then Live System is the ideal choice for you.

This limited period special offer enables you to start using this exceptional bait whilst purchasing it at a discounted rate!

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